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The Discovery

Senior Conservator Michael Lavin of the Jamestown Rediscovery project works with the archaeologists to excavate Jane's cranium.

Forensic Evidence

Scott Whittaker of the Smithsonian Institution examines cut marks on Jane's mandible or jaw with a stereo-zoom microscope.

Women at Jamestown

Senior Curator Beverly Straube of the Jamestown Rediscovery project discusses what we know about women at Jamestown prior to the "starving time" winter of 1609-10. The number of women present is unknown, and very few of their names have survived. According to the historical documents, however, dozens of women may have arrived prior to that winter.

Facial Reconstruction

Stephen Rouse, specialist in 3D modeling, utilizes images from a CT scan to digitally reconstruct Jane's splintered cranium so a 3D model of the skull can be generated. Ivan Schwartz of StudioEIS then explains how they are able to create a likeness of Jane's facial features through sculpting and painting with the 3D model as a base.


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