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Sources for Biographical Information on the World Wide Web

The Historical Manuscripts Commission now has an online index of manuscripts searchable by subject and name. A result will give a brief description of the document and there is a link for ordering copies. The National Register of Archives is also a source for family paper collections and some records from county archives and the public records office.

The British Library offers an online public catalog for simple searching and ordering of documents from their extensive collections.

An online index of English parish registers holdings can be found at

Lambeth Palace is the historic library of the archbishops of Canterbury and the principal library and record office for the Church of England.

Guildhall Library -- This is the local record office of the city of London and its holdings. They hold records for the Diocese of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the city wards and parishes and 75 city livery companies.

The Corporation of London Record Office holds official archives of the City of London.

The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich has a search station with thematically arranged collections.

For information of family estates, English Heritage offers a public archive of English buildings and archaeology.

Most UK county archives offices have online web pages with databases containing individual surname research. These county sites provide links to county and church histories, parish and cemetary maps and other local information. The link to the international genealogical index can be found at this site.

Access to British online archives

The Society of Geneologists now offers a link to online transcripts of the Boyd's Marriage Index, covering 1538-1900, and the London Apprentice Registers. The site offers an overview of which counties are included in the database.

The Newberry Library holds in its collections over 17,000 genealogies which are noteworthy for coverage of colonial America. Their collections includes information on gentry and noble families of the British Isles.

The Virginia Colonial Records Project was initiated in the 1950s by the Virginia Historical Society, The University of Virginia Library, The Library of Virginia, and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. It has an index to transcribed British, Irish, and French records dealing with the colony. The database can be searched online.

Records of the Library of Congress

The American Indian Resource Center

The Library of Virginia Online Catalog

The Virginia Historical Society Manuscript and Image Catalogs

The Brewers Company

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